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Call me and we can plan how to capture your occasion, event, equipment demo or valuables on tape and DVD. (541) 609-0400

Click for a list of some recent Video Jobs.

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Guest Speaker, Music Group , Horse competition, Birthday Party, Sabine Sword dance, Guest Speaker...

Additional Video Possibilities:


  • Capture Household furnishings for Insurance purposes

  • Archive your Equipment demonstration (demo video)

  • Presentation by an author, to be critiqued

Farming and Manufacturing processes:

  • Christmas Tree shearing, helicopter harvest, and shipping operation

  • Grape harvest and processing of wine grapes


Capture your memories:

  • Fourth of July Party

  • Anniversary Party

  • Graduation Party

  • Halloween Party

Horse classes and trials

Do you need Horse competition videos taken for your stable, bring me along for all your commercial videos.

Look for me at your horse competition this summer:
The Far West Regional Championship
Morgan Horse Show

Redmond, Oregon (June 16-19 , 2010)    $30 per class.
Please contact me early to reserve your class video spots. You can locate me by the rail, near the Indoor Arena entrance gate. Please do so the class begins. Leave a voicemail with name and class number while filming is in progress. I'll call you back to confirm your class spot. Call me if you need me. My cell phone number is 541-609-0400.

Oregon Morgan Classic 2011 DVD

Music group

When you hire me to capture your small to medium scale audio-video production job, your results will be nice quality ... Got a music group, that you have rights to, and want a video with clear audio stereo quality ? Call me in advance, to capture the performance.

Note: Original DVD videos far surpass the Youtube video quality. Your DVD will be much higher quality.

Rock New Age samples:

Billy Rancher's Unreal Gods


Guest Speaker or Seminar Presenter

Has your company or organization invited a special Guest Speaker  or Trainer to give a presentation? Call me to film it for you.

Training program for new employees

Put your training program on DVD, for present and future employee orientation and education.

Athletic competition and training

Do you have an athlete in the family that is looking for a college scholarship? I can attend the meets or games and put together a college promotional video on DVD.