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Class Reunion Photography

Staples Class of 1966, 50th Reunion DVD available...

I have completed editing the 50th Class reunion video. Please let me know if you want me to send you a copy. Send your mailing address, along with a check for $20.00, and I will get one in the mail to you. Thank you for a great reunion!

Brian Stoddard
PO Box 1402
Philomath, OR 97370





Perhaps you have a need for a local Class Reunion photographer. If so, my letter should be helpful to you. I am interested and experienced in doing this type of photography. As an example of my recent work,  I photographed the 40th reunion experience for the Corvallis High School (CHS) Class of 1969. References are available if you are interested. 

What did I offer to the class of 1969 for CHS? This was from their 40th reunion, very cool events...

August 2009 - 40th DVD still available

Question: What exactly is on this DVD? Q


Pre Reunion Photos and a slideshow: A slideshow of committee selected scanned photos from the 1967, 1968 and 1969 yearbooks. The slideshow was displayed on a projection screen at LaSalle Stewart Center at the Main event on Saturday Night.

Friday Night: A group photo was taken on Friday Night, in front of the Downtown Corvallis Whiteside Movie theatre which held special significance to that class. I also took random photos of the classmates and friends that night.

Saturday night: At the Saturday night event, photos were taken randomly and upon request, of the attendees . Also available were: Club and Team group shots, along with group shots in front of Elementary School photos that were displayed on the wall.

A DVD was produced of all the photos, including the photos from the yearbook slideshow, and made available to interested parties, at a reasonable price.  

Most of my experience, in the last 6 years, has been as a Videographer and Film preserver. Video, Photography and Art have been my lifetime passion. Please visit my website for examples of my work. 


If you receive a call from a reunion committee member searching for a photographer, I would appreciate your referral. It will be my pleasure to help your graduates preserve their memories. 

Thank you very much.

Call 541.609.0400 for a cost estimate. References available.


Contact Brian for an estimate. Don't forget to provided me with your mail/shipping addresses, your email and contact telephone number.
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please hire creative business media,  to preserve your reunion events, and create a projection screen slideshow from your provided photos and tagged yearbooks, where you have tagged the ones that you want in the slideshow...