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Scroll down to get to 8mm film info.

8mm & Super
8mm Film to DVD


Print a film gauge on any printer.

Remove the 8mm film reel from the
case and lay the reel on the clearly marked gauge.

You will need the free adobe acrobat reader to view the gauge and the brochure     

reel size?


How do I prepare my films to be shipped to Creative Business Media for transfer?


How much will the film to DVD transfer service cost me, in addition to the shipping?

<click here > to calculate film or tape $ cost estimate

If you do not have MS Excel do the following...

1  Print the Price list
print the "PDF" version of the film calc form


URGENT ... Preserve Those priceless family home movies, from the 50's and 60's NOW! ...before it is too late and the film deteriorates more, and they are lost forever...

Your DVD production is recorded digitally from the original,  music is added (if requested) and the memories are  preserved, for your entertainment and easy viewing in the DVD format. continue>  <Price list>


  • Preservation of your family memories.

  • Avoid the  time consuming projector and screen setup.

  • No more "clickity clack" and expensive projector bulb replacement.

  • Music, Narration, and Sound(s) can be added, removed or replaced. Music really enhances the whole experience.

Edit out the film footage of your feet.


  • Transfers can be arranged in person,

  • Through the use of Mail or Courier Services.

References are available.

What services are offered:

  • 8mm silent film to DVD

  • Super 8mm film to DVD

  • Movie 8 camcorder tapes to DVD

  • VHS tapes to DVD

  • Digital Photos presented as a slideshow on DVD

$ Pricing:

Voice mail: 541-609-0400 

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