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Brian's how to pages

How do I activate toshiba wifi?

 Go to the folder on your C drive Program files\Toshiba\TBS. Then scroll down the list of program files and double click on the file named TBSWireless.exe , the wireless communication switch will turn on. The Amber Light will come on on the front bottom right corner of the laptop.

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Message from Brian Stoddard...


Have you ever heard me say "I don't open attachments."

Experts say that is your best policy, don't open attachments. 
You avoid viruses that way.

If you are going to forward something, click forward, add my email address, then copy/paste the contents of your attachment, right into the email that you are sending, with no attachment.

I only open attachments from my sister. :)

Experts such as Leo Laporte of The Tech Guy
www.TWIT.TV  and Leo with his various buddies from TWIT
(This Week in Tech) www.twit.tv contains several "Podcast" shows that keep me informed.

I listen to them when I walk along the Bald Hill Path. Check out, at least, the tech guy show; it covers, cellphones, tv, video,computer, iMac, PC, surround sound, projectors, "anything with a chip" as Leo puts it.

Regards, Brian

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imageediting | baldhillshots | regedit | frontpagetip | vocabwords  | previewpane
What does BCC  mean?
blind carbon copy
Why is it important that you use it in an email that goes out to several people?

There is a great deal more to see and learn below, just scroll down for more pointers etc. Let me know if YOU have any that should be added.

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Email - Blind carbon copy in an email

IMAGES Combining two images to make a CD or DVD Jewel Case cover? How you do that with Paint Shop Pro?


Do with C A U T I O N!

Registry editor. If you do this, then you can edit your registry. Don't do it, unless you know what you are doing! If YOU screw up, the whole system can die.

START/RUN/REGEDIT will start it up

Vocabulary words:

workgroup name


PREVIEW PANE Security concern with MS Outlook - turn off the Preview Pane for the INBOX! Avoid those nasty viruses.

VIDEO CLIP Front Page tip - here is a sample of an embedded video clip that I prepared with one of my movie software programs...

Desktop Publishing terms

IPOD - CNET videos
replace iPod battery


bald hill | imageediting | baldhillshots | regedit | frontpagetip | vocabwords  previewpane

what does BCC (blind carbon copy) mean, and why is it important that you use it in an email that goes out to several people?

What, no msconfig to control the programs that startup at boot. Here is a solution. Win 2000 and ME and win 95 do not have msconfig. Program
Article explaining use of  MSCONFIG.
Palm Pilot Questions

New background picture 
to use as your wallpaper on the PC

How to make autorun CD.


WD-40 many uses

Video clips - Unable to view those Logitech compressed video clips (WMV format) on your Apple computer?
Printer issues - Remove the LPT1 from the system file...
Font size won't change 
in your browser? Here is a tweak to allow size changes in IE
Hardware change - go BACK - C A U T I O N Before making system or hardware changes, here is a way to insure that you are able to go BACK to earlier "dat" and "ini" settings. Home networking

Resize your digital photo?

Annoying windows password screen hot keys
10 Essential Keyboard shortcuts (hot keys)


PC performance test
Free performance test of your PC - PCPitstop


Windows XP Pro - where
did that slideshow capability
go? click and see how to
find it.


FTP your  files to your website through IE 5.0


Outlook Express stuff

how do you add a signature to OUTLOOK EXPRESS email?

How do you backup outlook express addressbook?


***System32 window pops up, when system is booted. (Unwanted)
the screen I was seeing...
resolution to issue...

network workgroup name - change or view -
Windows XP


Item sold on ebay, what next?

PASSWORD won't save in Outlook or Outlook Express even when you select SAVE PASSWORD I got this info from the TechTV.com website. I tried it and it works!

PASSWORD won't save
windows 98 version of above article

How to customize links on toolbar

Your film, web and photo shop

We can place your webpage
(up to 10 pages) here for a low monthly fee ... www.valley2coast.com


How to copy contents of email message to another email message.


My DVD drive disappeared: here is how to resolve the issue:

How to Drag and Drop something from your address window in the browser, to the desktop:

First reduce the browser window size enough so you can see part of the desktop showing on your screen.