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Here are several more great photo's from our 40th Reunion courtesy of our classmate:

Gail Latimer Gorian...


editorial remark: This is a great photo of both Gail and Nancy!
-Brian H Stoddard

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Georgetown Saloon - Friday

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Carol Klein, Genie Wing, Mary Gail Horelick,
Peg Coniff, Nancy Arnold

Andy Kaufman, John Mingay, Robin Bernier

Patti Hann, Robin Bernier, John Mingay,
Jeremy Jones, Sally Kellogg

Janet Gladstein, Gail Latimer, Carol Klein, Patti Hann

Robin Bernier, John Mingay, Johno Lupton


Stony Point - Saturday

Ann Wiggans, Lynne Betts, Sue Mahn

Patti Hann, Dennis Parise, Mary Manca

Ann Wiggans, Jill Bossert, Patti Hann,
John Coniglio, Dennis Parise, John Love & wife

Sue Mahn, Sue Tefft, Carol Jankowski    


John Terpening, Steve Emmett, Jon Gailmor, Rob Carlson

Janet Gladstein, John Mingay, Robin Bernier, ?,
Sue Gillen & hubby Verdon Staines

Betsy Flynn and Patricia Brennecke


Compo Beach - Sunday

sitting: Nancy Waltz, Janet Gladstein, Lynne Betts
   standing: Debbie King, Tom Allen, Debbie Carrow

Wes Pullen and Linda Nugent

Nancy Newhouse and Criste Louther

Gail Latimer and Nancy Newhouse

Sally Kellogg, Kathy Frazer, Debbie King,
Patricia Brennecke, Lillian Ferdinand

Carol Klein, Ann Sheffer, Bill Scheffler             

Bob Jacobs, Scot Bossert, Brian Stoddard, Bob Gerrity

John Mingay & Lloyd Nash              


Steve Ogilvy, Brian Dornan, Steve Emmett                



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