Several more great photo's from Sally (Peach) Kellogg...

Here is a slideshow of Sally's photos by adobe and bhs.

Dear Classmates,

There are no words to describe what an awesome experience it was to be with you all last weekend. (end of July)  


But what did come up for me was how connected we all felt.  There were no false pretensions and a real sense of family.  That being said, all 3 days were just so much fun! 

It was especially wonderful to see all my Saugatuck School classmates (like from kindergarten): Tom Allen, Barbara Askland, Nancy Bossert, Brian Dornan, Steve Emmett, Kathy Frazer, Bob Gerrity, Gail Johnson, Jeremy Jones, John Mingay, Steve Ogilvey, Louise Rea, Kathy Smith, Leo Taylor & Don Ulrich. 

I so wish we would have been organized enough to take a quick photo of us outside the doors of the original Saugatuck School – but if we play our cards right, we could all return there… 

I’m still basking in the glow, and hope you enjoy the pictures! 

 Sally (Peach) Kellogg
Naples, Florida




Ann Sheffer & Bill Sheffler
Paul Gambicini, Robin Bernier, Steve Emmett
Peach Kellogg & Jeremy Jones
Robin Bernier & Pat Brenecke
Ann Sheffer & Bill ShefflerPaul Gambicini  Robin Bernier  Steve EmmettPeach Kellogg & Jeremy JonesRobin Bernier & Pat Brenecke
Rosellen Cecil & Molly Yowell
Bob Jacobs & Brian Dornan
Rosellen Cecil, Molly Yowell, & Peach Kellogg
Jeremy Jones, Brian Dornan, John Lupton & Jon Gailmor

Rosellen Cecil & Molly YowellBob Jacobs and Brian DornanRosellen Cecil  Molly Yowell  & Peach KelloggJeremy Jones  Brian Dornan  John Lupton & Jon Gailmor
Jeremy Jones & Wes Pullien
Pat Brenecke, Steve Ogilvie & Peach Kellogg
Linda Nugent & Kathy Fraser
John Lupton, Betsy Flynn, Brian Stoddard
Gail Latimer, John Lupton & Robin Bernier
Jeremy Jones & Wes PullienPat Brenecke  Steve Ogilvie & Peach KelloggLinda Nugent & Kathy FraserJohn Lupton  Betsy Flynn  Brian StoddardGail Latimer  John Lupton & Robin Bernier

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